Thursday, April 7, 2011

What this is.

Hi All!
We are entering our 21st year at Roadrunner Park, we are officially the longest consecutively running farmers market in the state of Arizona!  Through our years we have grown, contracted, dealt with many issues as we forged a path for all markets in the valley.  As we have grown, you, our favorite people, have grown as well.  Parents who brought their children in the beginning now bring their grandchildren, kids now bring their own kids, even some of our vendors shopped the market as kids!  
It got us to thinking, now that we are entering our third generation of marketgoers, it's time to start collecting your stories.  We would love to hear about your memories of the market, how attending a market in your youth shaped you, how you view food, farmers, farmers markets, the contributions you have seen the farmers market bring to your community, etc.  
Have Fun!


  1. Dogs everywhere. Open food with dogs sniffing every patron and vendor foods. I love dogs but won't return to this health hazard

    1. This FM is very dog and family friendly. I've gone to this place for the last 6 years that I've been in AZ. As an RN, I'm well aware of food borne diseases and am rather OCD about food prep and as such I've never had any issues with the dogs or people here. Their products and produce are amazing. They above review is sjmply unwarranted.

    2. Um, it's lots of fruits & vegetables that grow on the ground, have bugs and are generally dirty. Take them home and wash them. What a wuss.